Sunday, February 24, 2008

Kassam Rocket Inventory at Sderot

Since my trip to Sderot, both the coordinator and the translator for CFI's Project Under His Wings have been back each week to visit terrorist victims. On a brief side trip, they were invited to go by the Sderot Police Station to see a collection of some of the kassam rockets. These are not my photos but below are some of the kassams.

When we visited the family with the children, the young boy said "he brought a piece of a kassam home one time, but my parents did not let me keep it." What a contrast between collecting baseball cards and pieces of kassam rockets intended to kill you.
I would presume each one is catalogued but no one seems to care.
Thankfully the Lord graciously pushes many of these rockets to fall harmlessly in the countryside. It's the repeated daily terror of not knowing where they are going to land which causes the anxiety for the residents of Sderot.
CFI may promote a program where donors could adopt a Sderot family that has been victims of kassam rocket terror. Donations would go directly to specific families.

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